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Scholarship Opportunities

There are many scholarship opportunities available to help eligible students fund their education. Scholarships could lower the price of your education and, unlike student loans, do not need to be repaid. In most cases, the funds received apply directly toward paying your tuition.

Scholarship Aid

How do I find and apply for scholarships?

Brightwood Career Institute encourages you to seek outside sources for scholarship aid. The following websites allow you to search and apply for private scholarships:

  • - Search millions of college scholarships and grants.
  • Fastweb - A leading scholarship search provider for over 15 years, this site features a comprehensive database of available scholarships, plus information and advice that could help you win more scholarships
  • - This site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. You can access much of the information, publications, and links on the site without an ID. 
  • - Grants listed by state.

Other scholarship search sites exist, but beware of fraudulent sites or those that charge for their services. Visit our Fraud Disclosure page for more about scholarship scams.

Brightwood Career Institute cannot guarantee that students will be eligible to receive any scholarship. It is the student’s responsibility to carefully review the requirements for any scholarships of interest.

Private Scholarships

What is a private, or outside, scholarship?

Outside scholarships are funds you receive from public and private agencies to pay for a portion or all of your tuition, fees, or required textbooks. You must apply for these scholarships through a separate process.

How does a private scholarship get applied toward tuition?

When a private agency pays a portion of your tuition, fees, or required textbooks, this is considered third-party billing. The agency will receive a bill directly from Brightwood Career Institute and send the payment directly to the School (not to you, the student).

Scholarship third-party billing is only available as an option if the student/private agency provides the necessary tuition assistance documents prior to each term of enrollment. The tuition assistance documents must meet all standard requirements and will provide Brightwood Career Institute with direct bill authorization. If the private agency determines you are no longer eligible to receive a scholarship, you will be responsible for paying the tuition balance.

To have a private agency approved for direct billing, please contact your campus to provide the following information:

  • The name of the agency
  • The contact information for the Educational Benefits Coordinator

High School Scholarships in Pennsylvania

At Brightwood Career Institute, we want to help you meet your future goals. That is why each academic year, we offer graduating high school seniors the opportunity to be awarded scholarships toward their tuition at their chosen Brightwood Career Institute campus.*

High school scholarships are awarded at our campuses and are based on student interest, academic excellence, and demonstrated motivation. Scholarships are limited and an applicant must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Be a graduating high school senior and receive a high school diploma before starting class at Brightwood Career Institute
  • Be of good moral character
  • Have the interest and high motivation to attend a postsecondary institution

Our scholarship program determines award recipients in two phases. Applicants will first take a competitive examination to measure educational competency. Top-scoring finalists will then be interviewed by a panel of judges.

How to Apply

Awards are based on student interest, academic excellence, and demonstrated motivation. Students interested in applying for these scholarships should contact their high school guidance counselor or Brightwood Career Institute.

Scholarship Procedures*

  • Applicants will complete a scholarship application
  • Applicants will take the scholarship examination
  • Finalists will be notified based on their examination score and an interview date with panel judges will be established
  • Winners of the scholarship will be notified by the School

Scholarship Conditions*

  • Applicants must successfully complete high school and begin their studies at the School no later than the fall class start of the year in which they graduated.
  • Scholarship funds will be applied to tuition and will not be given directly to the student.
  • The scholarship cannot be transferred to a second party.
  • All rules and regulations of the school apply to the scholarship recipient.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply; refer to the Scholarship section of the Catalog or contact the School for more information.

For more about financial aid, download our Ultimate Guide to Paying for College!

* Scholarship opportunities may be dependent on a student’s chosen course of study. The number of scholarships to be awarded, scholarship amounts, and other details can be found in the campus Course Catalog or by contacting the School. All applicants are subject to policies for scholarship as established in the Catalog. Other terms and conditions may also apply. Scholarship funds will be applied to tuition and will not be given directly to the student and cannot be transferred to a second party. A scholarship is not a premium, special endorsement, or discount. The School has the right to withdraw any scholarship offer at any time.