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Philadelphia Campus Features and Facilities

At Brightwood Career Institute, earning your diploma may be easier than you think. Our programs focus on developing skills that can help you gain employment as soon as you graduate. We provide the right combination of instruction and training to prepare you for the demands of today's workplace.

Brightwood Career Institute Advantages

Our career training programs are designed to help you achieve both your immediate employment objectives and your long-term professional goals. We offer:

  • Accelerated programs with flexible schedules
  • Career Development for graduates
  • Hands-on training in labs that simulate the workplace
  • Externships in all allied health programs
  • Qualified, dedicated instructors
  • Student-friendly learning environments

Programs That Meet Your Needs

Brightwood Career Institute helps you make the most of your valuable time; flexible schedules let you choose day or night classes and you can earn a diploma in as little as 8 to 10 months in our accelerated programs. We strive for excellence in education by hiring well-prepared, experienced faculty and staff who are dedicated to your success.

Our limited class sizes promote a personalized, interactive learning environment. Tutoring and advising support are available to optimize your success in school, and Career Development Department can provide guidance as you pursue employment in your chosen field.

Contact us today to learn more or enroll.

Philadelphia Campus Facilities

Brightwood Career Institute is housed in a spacious air-conditioned facility designed to train students for the working world. The facility comprises approximately 40,000 square feet of classrooms, training labs, administrative offices, a student lounge, a resource center, public areas, and restrooms. Classrooms and offices occupy the first and second floors and mezzanine of the building.

Campus and Community Resources

Our campus resource center contains reference and reading materials and an online computer system for your convenience. In addition, nearby Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania offer access to some of the finest libraries available, including the Central Philadelphia Free Library–Logan Square, Drexel University Library, and the University of Pennsylvania–Van Pelt Library.

Training Labs

At Brightwood Career Institute, you will divide your time between classrooms and specially designed training labs that allow you to gain hands-on experience with industry-specific supplies and equipment.

  • Computer labs are equipped with technology commonly used in today's business environments, including computers, networks, software applications, printers, modems, and multimedia equipment. Internet access is available to enhance your training.
  • Dental assistant training labs are equipped with radiology (x-ray) units and dental lab/tray equipment such as vacuum forming machines, model trimmers, and other dental equipment and supplies. You can build your job skills through hands-on training in an environment that simulates today's dental offices.
  • Medical training labs are equipped with autoclaves, centrifuges, exam tables, EKGs, and numerous other items found in a typical medical lab or doctor's office. You will have the opportunity to practice your clinical skills in an environment that simulates real-world working conditions.
  • Electrical technician program training labs are equipped with a variety of tools and materials including pipe benders and band saws used to create motor controllers, fuse panels, and other items. Our labs allow you to practice installations in an environment that simulates electrical conditions you may encounter on the job.