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Philadelphia Mills Campus Features and Facilities

Brightwood Career Institute in Philadelphia (Philadelphia Mills), PA is dedicated to providing quality programs that combine a variety of teaching techniques to help you achieve your lifelong personal and professional goals. Your classes will combine traditional classroom lectures and hands-on lab training.

In addition, your training will give you an opportunity to participate in group discussions and projects, simulations, demonstrations, field trips, presentations by guest speakers, and other activities that let you learn through real-world experiences. Contact us today to learn how you can gain the relevant training to pursue your career goals. 

School Features

Schedules That Work for You

We know you lead a busy life. You may be juggling work and family obligations while searching for a way to get ahead or start a new career. At Brightwood Career Institute, we create career-focused programs to help you achieve your long-term goals. Some of our programs are offered in the evening, so you can continue earning an income from your current job while getting the education you need for your future.

Resources to Help You Achieve Your Goals

We want you to feel good about yourself and believe in your ability to succeed in school, in your career, and throughout life. We offer services to support you academically, professionally, and personally, such as tutoring, individual advising, and assistance in locating social services.

After graduation, we will continue to provide assistance through our Career Development department. You will have the opportunity to attend classes, workshops, and advising sessions focused on helping you secure the career you want.

Classes Taught by Experienced Professionals

Our dedicated instructors have real-world experience and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with you. Whether you want to advance your career or get started in a brand new career field, our programs are designed to help you develop the knowledge, technical skills, and work habits you need to excel in your chosen field.

Campus Facilities

Brightwood Career Institute's Philadelphia Mills campus features air-conditioned classrooms, labs, and administrative offices. A technical library provides resource materials you can use during the day or evening hours, and a student lounge and snack bar offer a comfortable place for you to study or relax.

Ample parking is available on the campus grounds and we are close to public transportation.

Specialized Lab Materials and Equipment

During your lab training at Brightwood Career Institute, you will work with materials and equipment used in today's workplace.

  • Health care programs utilize exam tables, minor surgical instruments, lab testing machines and equipment, lab sinks, phlebotomy equipment, EKG machines, autoclaves, microscopes, centrifuges, CPR equipment, and areas set up to simulate real-world exam rooms.
  • Respiratory therapy programs utilize laryngoscopes, tracheostomy care manikins, intubation manikins, infant and crisis manikins, oxygen analyzers, mechanical ventilators, infant ventilators, nebulizers, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, spirometers, flowmeters, regulators, IV poles, defibrillators, ECG monitors, and other related supplies and equipment.
  • Technical programs provide training on equipment used in the field, including electrical hand tools, electric voltage and clamp-on meters, switches, transformers, and PLC systems.
  • Computer labs and classrooms are equipped with computers, printers, modems, DVD/CD drives, multimedia equipment, network switches and routers, and diagnostic software.