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Harrisburg Campus Features and Facilities

At Brightwood Career Institute, our mission is your success. We want to help you gain the tools to reach your potential and achieve your career goals. Our programs offer the real-world education that could help prepare you for success in today's competitive workplace.

School Features

Committed to Your Success

Brightwood Career Institute's experienced faculty and staff members are committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. Our friendly learning environment and limited class sizes offer a level of personal attention you may not find at other institutions.

Through hands-on training in our specialized labs, you can master the skills you need to excel in the workplace. Accelerated, career-focused programs with flexible scheduling let you manage your time, so you can plot your own course to a successful new career.

The Brightwood Career Institute Commitment

From the moment you enroll, Brightwood Career Institute is committed to your success. Whether you are seeking employment in the Harrisburg area or plan to pursue a career somewhere else, career training from Brightwood Career Institute can put you on the right track. Take the first step and enroll today.

Campus Facilities

Brightwood Career Institute, Harrisburg campus, offers many of the amenities typically found on much larger college and university campuses, yet it maintains a friendly, intimate setting in which you can focus on your educational goals.

Get Hands-On Training

Our facilities offer everything you need to develop a working knowledge of the equipment and materials you may use on the job.

  • Equipment for general courses includes computers, Internet services, online library services, overhead projectors, and a variety of computer networks and electronic media sources.
  • The clinical courses utilize autoclaves, centrifuges, exam tables, EKG machines, and numerous other items found in a typical medical lab or doctor’s office.
  • Our computer labs allow you to practice installing hardware and software, networking, troubleshooting, and performing other duties required in your chosen career field.

Other Resources

In addition to classrooms, labs, and administrative offices, Brightwood Career Institute, Harrisburg campus, has a campus library stocked with reference materials relevant to our programs and a campus bookstore for your convenience. All campus computers have Internet access, offering you plenty of opportunity to practice the skills you learn in class.

Contact Brightwood Career Institute today to learn more.