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Pharmacy Technician


Pharmacy Technician

Fast Facts

National annual wage range:
$21,370 to $45,710*
Tuition and fees:
Program length:
36 weeks

The U.S. Department of Labor projects careers for pharmacy technicians will grow more quickly than the average for all occupations through 2024.* The pharmacy technician program at Brightwood Career Institute can equip you with the skills, knowledge and work habits to qualify for a position in this promising career field.

Pharmacy technicians can improve patients’ quality of life by educating them on self-care through the proper administration of medication. As a graduate of our Pharmacy Technician diploma program, you would work with patients directly and make a difference in people’s lives. At Brightwood Career Institute, we want to help you obtain a satisfying pharmaceutical career with a bright future.

Pharmacy Technician Career Responsibilities

As a pharmacy technician, you would prepare controlled medications for patients, while supervised by a registered pharmacist. Responsibilities could include transcribing doctors' orders, getting refill authorizations and processing insurance claims. Monitoring, stocking and ordering inventory could also be part of your daily routine, as well as security measures and quality control. Additional duties could include:

  • Filing insurance claim forms and interacting with insurance companies
  • Preparing prescription labels, determining the type of prescription container and affixing labels
  • Maintaining prescription inventory, as well as over-the-counter medications
  • Creating and maintaining patient profiles and using a computerized database to update information
  • Verifying that prescription information is complete and correct

Our experienced instructors aim to help you stand out to local employers. The curriculum for the Pharmacy Technician diploma program is designed to teach you the communication and customer service skills contemporary pharmacists seek. At Brightwood Career Institute, you could graduate with the skills to succeed in the pharmaceutical field.

Download Infographic: Pharmacy Technician Career Outlook

A Career-Focused Curriculum

Lab training and classroom teaching are both a vital part of your education. Topics are career-focused for the pharmaceutical industry and include:

  • Pharmacology and the apocrine systems
  • Pharmacy law, regulations and business applications
  • Computer applications and career development
  • Sterile product preparations
  • Prescription order processing
  • Pharmacology and the nervous system

Drug storage, stocking procedures, inventory control and how to handle outdated items may also be included in coursework. You will be educated on trade and generic medication names, drugs effects on body systems, CPR, first aid and computer software applications.

Real-World Externship Experience

At Brightwood Career Institute, we believe that being prepared for employment as soon as you graduate requires experience. We emphasize hands-on training specific to your employment goals.

Before you graduate, you will complete an externship where you can apply the skills, knowledge and work habits you learn in school in a real-world career setting. This will take place at an approved retail, hospital or residential pharmacy or other pharmaceutical facility. Interaction with medical professionals helps you to acquire the experience employers are seeking.

Program Outcomes and Certification

You may apply for an entry-level position at pharmacies in retail, hospital and mail order settings as a graduate of Brightwood Career Institute's Pharmacy Technician program. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities may provide additional positions.

For an additional credential when seeking employment in the field, certification is an option. Some employers require certification for employment in certain locations. This program can help you prepare for the optional Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) sponsored by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

Additional information regarding employment regulations, certification, and job outlook and salary information may be found at: Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy,; Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB),; Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),

The College makes no representation, promise or guarantee that completion of this program either assures passage of any certification examination or acceptance by any state board. Prospective and current students, as well as graduates, are responsible for researching and understanding all examination, registration or licensure requirements in any state in which they seek to become registered, licensed or employed. Brightwood College does not guarantee employment or career advancement.

* The median annual wage for pharmacy technicians was $30,920 in May 2016. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $21,370, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $45,710. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Pharmacy Technicians, on the Internet at (visited September 08, 2017).Expected growth rate through the year 2024. National long-term projections and salary averages may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions and do not guarantee actual job growth or any particular salary.

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